department: political science, Social science building, UC San Diego

office hours: by appointment

home address: upon request

phone: upon request


ph.d. political science, uc san diego, in progress

M.a. political science, uc san diego, 2016

m.a. philosophy, san francisco state university, 2013

b.a. philosophy, university of oregon, 2010


modern political theory

normative methodology

normative political theory

political corruption



general political science

history of philosophy



uc san diego, political science, lecturer and graduate teaching associate (spring 2014 - present).

university of san diego, political science, adjunct professor (spring 2018 - present).

Mesa community college, political science, adjunct professor (fall 2018 - present).

mesa community college, philosophy, adjunct professor (summer 2016 - spring 2017).

long beach city college, philosophy, adjunct professor (fall 2013 - spring 2014)

san francisco state university, philosophy, lecturer (summer 2012).

san francisco state university, philosophy, graduate teaching associate (spring 2011 - fall 2012).

conceptualizing corruption in comparative political theory, political science PhD dissertation: UC san diego: ongoing.

committee: David Wiens, claire adida, david brink, gerry mackie, simeon nichter

“Free expression (article 19) and free association (article 20)” in The universal declaration of human rights in the 21st century: A living document in a changing world, ed. gordon Brown. Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers, 2016.

just transfer and the benefiting view, political science ma thesis: uc san diego, 2016.

committee: David Wiens, harvey goldman, david lake, gerry mackie, david mares.

respect for persons, intimacy, and privacy, philosophy ma thesis: san francisco state university, 2013.

commitee: shelley wilcox, carlos montemeyor, kevin toh

the abductive logic of peirceian pragmaticism: abduction as a valid and autonomous inference, philosophy honors thesis: university of oregon, 2010.

committee: scott pratt, naomi zack


research. political theory in political science. lead: david wiens, uc san diego (summer 2018).

judicial politics. for glenn smith, uc san diego (Spring 2019).

american politics. for seth hill, uc san diego (spring 2018).

politics of multiculturalism. for claire adida, uc san diego (winter 2018).

ethics and society. for gerry mackie, uc san diego (fall 2017, fall 2016).

power and justice. for gerry mackie, fonna forman, and Ike Sharpless, uc san diego (winter 2019, fall 2018, winter 2017, summer 2016, winter 2016, fall 2015, spring 2015).

u.s. constitution and supreme court. for glenn smith, uc san diego (fall 2014).

u.s. and latin america: political and economic relations. for peter smith, uc san diego (spring 2016).

california government and politics. for nathan fletcher, uc san diego (winter 2014).

philosophy of law. for kevin toh, san francisco state university (spring 2012, fall 2012).

political philosophy. for kevin toh, san francisco state university (fall 2011).


certification for online teaching, online faculty certification program, san diego community college district, May 2019.

presentation skills and effective questioning, engaged teaching hub, uc san diego, 10 January 2019.

peer observation, engaged teaching hub, uc san diego, 23 october 2018.


T.A. excellence award: Political science, UC San diego, (2014-2015).

Distinction M.A. philosophy qualifying exam: philosophy department, San Francisco State University, (Spring 2011).

Departmental Honors: Philosophy department, University of Oregon, (Spring 2010).


Graduate advisor, Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues, uc san diego, (2019-present).

Senior TA, Political science, uc san diego, (2018-2019).

Political science undergraduate mentor, UC San diego alumni, UC san diego, (2018-2019).

Lecturer, “the concept of corruption,” STAR program, political science, UC san diego, (summer 2018).

Colloquium chair, “The savior of JL? The Redistribution Problem and the Reframing Strategy,” American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, (2013).